Synergy (Project Nobots)

This is a puzzle / platformer game made for a course at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. The game was selected as the best of the minor by teachers and some industry guests, attaining a final grade of 9.

My primary role was sound engineering/ audio engine programming / music and we all shared responsabilities on gameplay mechanics / design ideas.

We tried to focus on making a puzzle platformer with emphasis on plane switching and physics. In addition to that our game features a very powerful real time level editor based on xml parsing that provide very lightweight maps, thanks to that creating, modifying and sharing levels is very simple.

Here are some concept tracks for the game:


Here is the link to the game presented at the end of the programme, bear in mind that there are some issues with level flow and difficulty. Any feedback would be really appreciated.

** The Installer version has no level editor, while the binaries one has it but you need to have installed xna 4.0 framework on your computer)

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