Grab n’ Droid

This was a project co-developed with Ernesto Lage Tejero for our final degree thesis project at the University of Seville.

The game is a platformer that uses the built in accelerometer to change the gravity on the screen, thus leading to 360º gameplay. The goal is to navigate turning the phone through the levels collecting all the spheres as quick as possible.

It was made using Andengine and box2D for physics. One of the main goals of the game was to research how to make a content pipeline as smooth as possible. For this we used a tilemap editor with several layers and xml tags to apply physical properties to the blocks at the loading stage.

The result were really lightweight maps (around 10kb) with incredible flexibility and a universal level loader that paves the way for future easy content sharing among users.

This technology research project thesis got a 10/10 plus honors. The development of the game is no longer active, but the latest release of the tech alpha can be found on google play.

Get it on Google Play


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