Boardgame: Tri.

This is a boardgame co designed with Jose Luís López Redondo, Aleš Roszoha and Peter Páleš. It is a conquest game from 2 to 4 players, created for an HvA project. Final grade 9/10

Game Name: TRI
Number of players: 2-4


- The goal of the game is to conquer as much triangles as possible, the game will end when there are only two players left and no empty triangles.

Some considerations:

- Every turn each player can just move/attack once.

- The board is toroidal, this means the extreme left part is connected with the extreme right part and it happens the same with the upper and lower part.

- Every player has one card of each type in the beginning.


- The movement on the board is always to adjacent triangles (movement along the edges).


- In the first turn the checkers cannot be adjacent.

- When playing more than two players and there’s no empty triangles the weakest player (the one who owns less triangles) is out of game and his/her triangles are removed. After that the game continues.

- When a player is defeated other players get cards from deck.
For first defeated player every player in the game earn one +2 and one +3 card from deck.
For second defeated player every player in the game earn two +2 and one +4 card from deck.

- Every third round player who started the game rolls with dice and depending on number, every player earn one card from deck. Numbers 1,2,3 represents +2 card, numbers 4,5 represents +3 card and number 6 represents +4 card.


- When attacking to an opponent unit surrounded by two or three of your colour (always adjacent on the edges) , you can use as many dice rolls as surrounding units and keep the higher roll plus the modifier of choice.

- Battles are solved by dice and cards, these cards adds modifiers to the dice roll (+2,+3,+4,+0). First, each player rolls the dices, without showing it to the opponent. Then he/she picks one of his cards, which also is not shown to enemy.
After this phase both players in combat show dices and card. Who has bigger number, wins. If the attacker succeed, it will earn the triangle, if not, one of the attacking triangles goes void (this is decided by the winner of the battle).


- When a square is conquered (all 4 triangles with the same colour), you can use one of the units of the triangle to teleport it to free place in the board. There’s just one teleport per square.

- A conquered square cannot be attacked, but the triangles from it can attack as usual, being able to lose, therefore opening the square.


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